Turn Times

Current Turn Times

Final Underwrite: 2 business days
Appraisal/Conditions: 3-4 business days
Initial Underwrite: 4 business days
Closing: 2 business days

Testimonials / What Our Clients Say

  • "Kesha Hannam IS AMAZING AND EASY TO WORK WITH! Closing was easy! I called Donald Longo and said I wanted to schedule the loan and he said no problem and that I was all set. It was that easy!!! Rates are excellent and Kesha is excellent”
    Debbie Siegel, Westchester Mortgage LLC
  • "Our account rep and underwriting assistant always responded to phone calls and e-mails and kept me informed with updated approvals. Excellent the closer did a great job in getting the closing docs out in time for the attorney to review and prepare the hud. He always responded to e-mails as well.”
    Lisa Hall, Seacoast Mortgage Corp