Mortgage / Forms

Mortgage forms and documents for all states Mid-Island Mortgage Corp. is currently lending in!

Brokers please submit the following documentation for loans to be underwritten

  • NO Income Streamline on 600+
  • Consistantly lowest in the industry
  • Max Financing Down to 580
  • 2-4 Family Streamlines
  • FHA 203Ks and 203K Streamlines Down To 580
  • Conventional to 95% with borrower and lender paid MI
  • Use your own appraisal management company for FHA
  • LTV up to 150% on DU Refi Plus
  • 5% credit on 660+ scores


Mid-Island Mortgage Corp. Forms

General Forms
Appraisal Assignments Appraisal Independence Certification Borrowers Certification Broker Fee Agreement
Broker Fee Sheet Closing Disclosure Contacts List Compensation Election Form Condition Cover Sheet
Condo Questionnaire Clients - Appraisal Guide FNMA Coop Questionnaire IRS Request for Transcript of Tax Return 
Mortgage Clause My Community Counseling Authorization Submission Checklist Submission Form
Streamline Submission Form

Federal Disclosures
Anti-Steering Disclosure Anti-Steering Disclosure Adj Rate Anti-Steering Disclosure Fixed Rate Anti-Steering Disclosure Fixed Rate

FHA Disclosure Forms
Mortgagor's Certificate
Connecticut Disclosures
Agreement Concerning Non-Refundability of Advance Fees Mold and Mold-Forming Condition Disclosure 2
District of Columbia
DC - Domestic Partnership Application Addendum
DC - Licensing Disclosure
Illinois Disclosures
Description of Underwriting Criteria and Required Documentation FHA/VA Allowed/Disallowed Borrower-Paid Charges Disclosure Private Mortgage Insurance Disclosure
Massachusetts Disclosures
Massachusetts Licensing Disclosure
Maryland Disclosures
Disclosure of Certain Mortgage Loan Provisions Disclosure of Seller-Paid Fees
Notice of Right To Rescind -After Application Residential Property Disclosure
Minnesota Disclosures
Disclosure of Lenders or Loan Source Residential Mortgage Originator Services Agreement
New Hampshire Disclosures
Advance Fee Disclosure Property Disclosure - Residential Only
New Jersey Disclosures
Application Disclosure
New York Disclosures
FHA Mortgage Loan Correspondent
North Carolina Disclosures
Choice of Attorney
Pennsylvania Disclosures
Application Disclosure Ability to Repay Policy & Procedures PA
Virginia Disclosures
Disclosure Pursuant To Virginia Code Section 6.1-2.9:5 Residential Property Disclosure
203(K) Forms
203(k) Borrower's Acknowledgement 203(k) Permit Certifications Required Identity-of-Interest Certifications ALL Contractor W9
STANDARD K Contractor Draw Disbursement Procedure STANDARD K Contractor's Acknowledgement